Professional Interior Painting in Detroit, MI

Professional Interior Painting in Detroit, MI

Somerset Interior Painting Services

Our number one priority is to protect our customers' homes.

When we are painting inside, it is usually after they've had some other renovations done. This leads to them potentially being concerned that they'll have paint all over their new floors or something like this. Fear not! Our team is dedicated to making sure that the only place in your home that has new paint is what you've paid us to paint!

We cover all floors and furniture with protective plastic; we remove light switches and outlet covers, we remove fixtures, and anything else that we don't want to get paint on. 

We could save a lot of time by skipping a lot of these steps like many competitors do, but we take the time to ensure that when we leave your home, it is cleaner and in better shape than when we got there!

Interior Painting Service Estimates 

There should never be any question about the scope of the project. Our estimates are detailed, so there are no questions when our team shows up!

Learn More About Somerset Painting 

 Contact us now for a free estimate and ask about our complimentary color consultation service. You can also learn more about our residential services here!

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At Somerset Painting, we don't just improve our communities with home and business renovation services, we also give back to many charities!

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The experienced Somerset team is here to complete your home improvement projects for you. A Michigan home improvement company founded in 1985, Somerset has assembled expert painters, carpenters, and masons who love their craft and take pride in satisfying each client. Somerset can add style, color, and excitement to your home, inside and out.

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