Expensive Paintbrushes

Expensive Paintbrushes

If you decide to do the painting part of your remodeling or home improvement project, perhaps one question you might ask is whether buying a more expensive brush will be worth it.


The expert’s verdict: great quality brush does make a difference!

Although the skill of the painter behind the paintbrush is paramount, using a good-quality paintbrush helps save you time and makes you do a fine painting job. So, whether you’re painting indoors or outdoors and regardless of the material you are painting on, it will not be a good idea to skimp on your paintbrushes. In case you’re wondering which brush to choose, the expert at Somerset Painting recommends trying the Purdy brand.

Paying a little extra for great paintbrushes is well worth it because the hairs or bristles of cheap paintbrushes often come off as you brush. It is not only annoying to keep seeing those bristles get on the paint when you don't want them to. Stopping every once in a while to take those unwanted fallen bristles off your paint can also be time-consuming. Cheap paintbrushes are also harder to use and do not spread paint as nicely as the more expensive brushes.

On the other hand, premium paintbrushes hold more paint, spread paint in cleaner, smoother lines, and also help you paint faster.  

Getting yourself an expensive paintbrush can help. But if you are not confident of your painting skills, your best bet at acing that paintwork is to get a brilliant painter. Ideally, choose someone who not only knows how to use a good paintbrush but also has several years of work experience.


Quality Painters!

And just as you don’t want to skimp on the brushes, get a great painting contractor to do the work for you. Somerset Painting will be an excellent choice. They are a team of expert painters who have been helping homeowners with exceptional paint jobs since 1985, so they can certainly help you, too.

Consider taking advantage of the free paint estimate they offer too?

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Expensive Paintbrushes

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The experienced Somerset team is here to complete your home improvement projects for you. A Michigan home improvement company founded in 1985, Somerset has assembled expert painters, carpenters, and masons who love their craft and take pride in satisfying each client. Somerset can add style, color, and excitement to your home, inside and out.

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