Our Story

The birth of Hassle Free.

Rick Hartsell founded Somerset Painting in 1985. “As a frustrated homeowner, I was tearing my hair out trying to find honest, reliable contractors.”

His solution? “I started my own company based on hassle-free service. That meant taking personal responsibility for every aspect of a job.”

Somerset’s reputation spread. Today, online reviews like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Google and Yelp set the pace. “Potential clients can see hundreds of unedited comments about how we deliver on our promises.”

From the start, Rick’s painting clients “kept asking for other services.” In response, he expanded to include windows, siding, masonry and more. Crews now handle virtually all residential or commercial work, from repairs to entire additions.

To reflect this growth, Somerset added the words Home Improvements to their name. But the original promise of “hassle-free service” will never change.

Improving homes.
Protecting kids.
Improving homes. Protecting kids

At Somerset, we passionately believe that every at-risk child – here in Metro Detroit and around the world – deserves the chance for a better future.

While assisting relief teams in Asia and Africa, Rick decided to devote his business to rescuing impoverished children. “I have two daughters of my own. I had to get involved. Our entire business is now dedicated to transforming lives.”

To do that, Somerset donates a portion of our profits from every job to fight poverty and human trafficking. There’s no cost to our clients, and a vulnerable child gets food, clothing, and education.

If you’d like to travel with our relief team on an overseas trip, call Rick Hartsell at 248-249-3155.

The adventure continues.
Even in Kathmandu.
The adventure continues. Even in Kathmandu. The adventure continues. Even in Kathmandu.

Somerset owner Rick Hartsell regularly travels overseas with other concerned entrepreneurs. Together, we work with indigenous leaders to fight human trafficking and extreme poverty – by setting up locally run businesses (farms, food vending carts, craft shops, tourist buses, etc.) to provide self-sufficiency.

If you’d like to travel with us, or have ideas for a self-sustaining microbusiness, talk directly to Rick at 248-249-3155.